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As the name suggests, Beats Solo 2 is the best-selling sequel Beats Solo headphones, priced at $ 199.99. And other similar products for this company headset, the headset is selling its brand and appearance, but it is not just a vase for. There are two problems. First, it is worth the price? Second, it is relative to the first generation of Solo headphones have great progress? Beats appearance has been the flagship of the brand, which is also reflected in its product packaging thoroughly. Remove the outer black box, filled with headphones in addition to the front of the box with the brand logo all but pure red. Open the red box, the first thing you see is a soft protective sleeve headphones. Protective sleeve inside the headset, while other things are placed below the headset, including 3.5 mm audio cable, cheap beats by dre headset lock and manuals, warranty single and stickers. Beats Solo 2 has a variety of color. In this evaluation, we chose the blue version, of course, black, white, silver, red and pink version. Its color is very bright, but not too much contaminated fingerprints, but in order to make the most comfortable headset looks, you still prepare a soft microfiber cloth is better. The headset is also no visible screws, using bent design. The inside of the headset feels very comfortable, although there is a plastic material leather texture. The headphones feel very comfortable to wear, but because of the size of each person's head, so you'd better try it. After twelve hours when wearing a headset is not so cool, but took it down a few minutes and then put on the kind of comfort and back again. Although Beats Solo 2 is not very crisp, but it is far not the kind of compression and strong headphones. With its $ 199.99 price, we hope it comes with a hard shell made of leather.