The Royal Dansk brand was established in 1966 where a range of crisp, delicious and luxury products were born. The cookies were packed and delivered in a recognisable tin showing the old Danish farmhouse from the island of Funen in Denmark.

The tin was used to maintain freshness of the cookies. It was resealable and reusable for storing in general, and some people used it simply as a bowl to serve from. It’s no matter of surprise that it become known as everyone’s favourite Blue Tin.

Today the Royal Dansk Butter Cookies are enjoyed all over the world, and the cookies are based on the traditional Danish recipes using only the finest ingredients so that they are just as delicious as the ones baked so many years ago.

The recognizable royal blue packagings and the Royal Dansk brand are, as always, your assurance of high quality – one more reason why our cookies are the number one Danish Butter Cookie sold in the USA.

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