Barry LeeInformation Technology Manager

    Barry Lee brings his 29 years’ experience in the Information Systems arena to the company as he serves as the IT Manager. He attended Newton Boys at a primary level then went on to Trinity College and then progressed to the University of the West Indies where he graduated with a BSc in Computer Science. Prior to Vemco, Barry has held positions at, National Flour Mills Limited, RBTT Services Limited and Carib Glass. Barry has also had training in non-technical courses such as: leadership training; team building; basic communication skills; and managing people; as well as technical courses including: Oracle 9i Fundamentals; PeopleSoft – Server Administration; Introduction to Oracle 8i.

    At Vemco, Barry is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the IT systems and ensures that these plans are in alignment with the company’s objectives. Further, he makes certain that necessary systems are in place to respond better to the customers-both internal and external- so that there is a seamless and enjoyable experience for them.

    His personal philosophy is to assist the company in achieving its objectives through creative thinking and dynamic interaction between customer and supplier. Hence, one of Barry’s strongest values is that he is motivated to get things done right the first time and insists on the highest quality of customer service. He believes that persons should always share and make time for people, interact with them- because they are the ones that make the company.

    He thinks that Vemco empowers him and others in the company to use their initiative to do things and get things done, hence, allowing persons to grow and develop their skills. Barry is a husband and proud father of three (3) musically talented sons and treasures the time spent with them.

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