Cranston FelicianWarehouse and Distribution Manager

    Coming from humble beginnings on the lovely hills of Paramin, Cranston Felician- one of three children- is the Warehouse & Distribution Manager at Vemco. Before starting at Vemco, Cranston persevered as an Agricultural Officer in his family business where he planted and cultivated short term crops such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, seasonings-just to name a few.

    In 2004, he decided to pursue a new career path and commenced employment at C. Yip Chow Baillie as a Truck Driver. It was within this year, Vemco acquired C. Yip Chow. Hard working and determined to make a difference, he continued to be goal driven.

    With such drive and tenacity, it’s no surprise that Cranston quickly climbed the ladder moving from a truck driver at Lot 9 to Assistant Warehouse Manager in 2008 to now, being the Warehouse and Distribution Manager at the company. He was able to successfully amass his experience into the dynamics of Production, Manufacturing and Operations to work towards always improving customer satisfaction.

    Cranston has been described as having a keen understanding of service, that is, how best to serve others and customer satisfaction-one of the most important values of the company. Faith, sincerity and humility are three essential values that Cranston holds dear to his heart and is foundational to how he leads his team.

    From planting tomatoes to being given the opportunity by Vemco to be part of producing Swiss Tomato Ketchup; Vemco surely lives up to their motto:  Delivering life-enriching experiences to the World.

    In the end, Cranston Felician has never forgotten his roots and attributes his success to his parents and appreciates the values they instilled in him at a very young age and to him that is, priceless.

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