Job Purpose:

To assist the Van Sales Representative in all aspects of his role daily to achieve goals and targets as set by the Company.

Key Responsibilities:

  • *   Ensures that the truck is loaded with goods received from warehouse, on a daily basis.
  • *   Ensures that there is proper rotation (First in, First out) of all goods on truck, thereby minimizing returns.
  • *   Ensures that customer orders are picked accurately from truck and delivered to them.
  • *   Assists Van Sales Representatives with merchandising of goods at outlets.
  • *   Assists the Van Sales Representative in effectively utilizing all point of purchase material issued by the Company.
  • *   Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of product features and special sales offers so they can easily provide customers with required information.
  • *   Undertakes any other job-related duties assigned by the Supervisor or designate that may be necessary to achieve the Company’s objectives.


  • *   5 CXC O’ Levels with at least one (1) year relevant Sales experience.
  • *   Experience in an FMCG industry will be an asset.
  • *   Excellent verbal skills with attention to detail.

Other Skills/Attributes required:

  • *   Ability to communicate and relate effectively with others.
  • *   Ability to multitask.
  • *   Ability to work in a team environment.
  • *   Must be attentive to customers’ needs and determined to provide customer satisfaction.
  • *   Ability to organize and prioritize.
  • *   Ability to lift items of 50 lbs.
  • *   Ability to be flexible and adaptable in the performance of duties.
  • *   Knowledge of sales standards and customer service routines.
  • *   Ability to manage schedules and inventory.


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