Ardo has been ‘preserving nature’s precious gifts’ for more than 50 years.

Ardo, a family owned company, began its activities in the world of vegetables in the 1950s, growing and trading vegetables at the family farm near the village of Ardooie in Belgium. The village gave the new company its name, and the farm provided the site for Ardo’s first vegetable freezing factory, built in 1977. Over the following years, Ardo developed its production and sales of frozen vegetables throughout Europe. Each year the group grows, freezes and sells 780,000 tonnes of fruit, herbs, vegetables, pasta and rice to 58 countries, with a turnover of 868m euros. From the far north to the deep south, the name of Ardo is synonymous with exceptional quality and service.

Continuous innovation in developing products and production methods hand in hand with the customer ensures a fruitful association.

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