Carbonell Olive Oil. Health to be enjoyed every day.

Carbonell olive oil was founded in Spain in 1866. Its quality & tradition have made it Spain’s number one Olive Oil brand. Carbonell Extra Virgin olive oil has an intense flavour that is delicious in salads or as a base for dips, dressings and as a seasoning in many dishes. We also have Carbonell Pure olive oil for hot cooking such as baking, frying and roasting. This variety has a mild olive oil taste.

Our olive oils are produced from carefully selected olives that are perfectly ripened under the Spanish sun. To ensure the excellent quality of our oils, we pick the olives at just the right moment, when the olives are optimally ripe. You can taste the healthy oils of Carbonell whether you are frying, roasting or adding flavour to your salads as they are packed with unsaturated fatty acids that can help you maintain a normal level of cholesterol.

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