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Led by Mr. Dirk Marin, our Operations Director, and his management team, Vemco’s manufacturing facilities have recently been positioned to operate independently from its front-end business. This split has allowed for a deepening focus on both the manufacturing operations, as well as the marketing and distributions operations.

Vemco locally manufactures all of our popular Swiss products and is the sole distributor of Kerrygold Milk Powder. We use the freshest ingredients and apply world-class techniques for ensuring our products are made to the highest standard. Vemco was the first to package milk powder in sachets, as well as the first to develop both the 750ml Swiss Spouch and Swiss Katerpack 2L and 4L sachets for condiments. In our commitment to continuous innovation, we are dedicated to challenging industry standards by manufacturing new products and using modern machinery to ensure top quality control.

Trusted for Partnerships

We also produce private label products for leading regional brands.

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