James RobertsonHead of Commercial Operations

    Love, kindness and compassion are words that James Robertson, Divisional Manager at Vemco, keeps close to his heart. Born in Scotland, James was raised in Trinidad by his mother and grandparents where he attended Blackman’s Private School and Fatima College. He then went on to attend Colgate University in New York where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Spanish. He also attended the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business where he attained a Master’s in Business Administration.

    In his role as Divisional Manager he is responsible for the planning and implementation of the division’s sales, marketing, and business development programmes. James also provides general leadership in the area of sales and marketing, having worked in the field for 10+ years at Vemco. James has strong analytical and planning skills and also has a deep understanding of the systems, processes, and culture of Vemco.

    James has always been athletically inclined, serving as captain of the national Water Polo team from 2000-2006 and then later as coach from 2007-2014. In his spare time, he continues to be involved in sports by enjoying swimming, basketball and weightlifting. Above all however, he treasures the time spent with his family and is most passionate about seeing a better Trinidad and Tobago emerge for his children and the generations to come.

    How would James like to be remembered? As a great husband, father and son, and someone who helped to improve the lives of others.

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