Shelly-Ann Simon-McKell Head of Marketing

    Joining the company in April 2017 as Divisional Manager, Shelly-Ann Simon McKell brings her 18 years’ marketing experience in primarily multinational companies and Fast Moving Consumer Goods to the team. She is responsible for many of the brands in our international portfolio and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Shelly-Ann holds a Bachelor of Arts and Diplomas in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising and has held positions as Marketing Manager and Retail Execution Manager.

    As a person who can easily adapt to the changing environments and economic circumstances, Shelly-Ann constantly challenges herself to look for the best and the most creative ways to reach customers. For Shelly-Ann, the only way to meet the needs of both consumers and customers, is to thoroughly understand what their needs are. In other words, when we think brands, we must think of people first.

    When asked how she wanted to be remembered, Shelly-Ann says, “as someone who genuinely cares about others and tries to help people grow and develop in their roles in whatever capacity there is.” She believes in the importance of improving the quality of life for children and recently, through working with Purina, the care of animals. She is most passionate about taking care of her two sons and likes to unwind by reading a good book accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

    She lives by the philosophy that a business should operate with integrity, fairness and without hypocrisy.

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