Our Values – S.E.R.V.E.

Sincerity – The pursuit of our goals is fuelled by gratitude and positive thinking. We serve with the passion, commitment and diligence that emanate from a mind-set of ownership. We act always in the best interest of our people, our organization, our community and our country.

Excellence – Our products will always be synonymous with excellence and our service, a compelling force of customer attraction. Our processes will be models of elegant, effective simplicity.  We measure our performance against world class standards and continuously seek opportunities to do better.

Respect – Our actions reflect our appreciation for the dignity and value of every human being. We demonstrate genuine care for the well-being of our team members and those with whom we interact.

Valour – Our Values form the bedrock of our success. In living our Values, we do what is right, standing courageously for truth, justice and integrity.

Empowerment – We believe in the power of an engaged team. Expectations are clearly defined and we empower our people with the knowledge, tools, autonomy and trust necessary to grow and to make winning a habit.



Vemco was founded in 1958 with a mission to deliver life-enriching experiences to the world and are as a result, trusted through the generations. We are brand builders striving to create brand winners that represent the core values of sincerity, excellence, respect, valour and empowerment, in which we are founded upon.

We are a CDP company and one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in the Caribbean Region.

What is a CDP Company?

In July 2015, Agostini’s Limited, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading public companies, and the Goddard Enterprises Ltd group of Barbados, entered into a partnership arrangement in order to use their combined strengths in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to support the formation of a powerful distribution network in the Caribbean region.

This formation is known as Caribbean Distribution Partners Limited [CDP], a 50/50 owned joint venture company comprising of major FMCG distribution companies from around the Caribbean like Trinidad’s Hand Arnold and Pepsico, Barbados’ Hanschell Innis Limited and Guyana’s Desinco Limited. In October 2016, Vemco Ltd was acquired by CDP and became a part of this group, thereby increasing the focus and strength of Vemco as a distribution company. CDP allows for both its group owned brands and those that it represents on behalf of international partners to see growth in the coming years and expects that it will further position the group to be the partner of choice, in the Caribbean region.



Vemco also forms part of the Victor E. Mouttet Limited Group which consists of several companies from varying industries including:

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage Distribution
  • Restaurant & Property Management
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Energy



  1. Our manufacturing and distribution operations are carried out within two plants and two distribution centres located in Trinidad & Tobago
  2. We export manufactured brands to over 15 Caribbean territories and regions in the United States.
  3. We are the first to manufacture and market flexible packaging in the region
  4. We manufacture private labels for leading brands in the Caribbean Region including: Lasco, Grace, Eve, Staff, Cuisine and Catelli.
  5. Swiss is the preferred brand in the Caribbean for: Pasta, Condiments, Dressings, Sauces and Yogurt Drink
  6. Major imported brands distributed by Vemco include: Kerrygold, Quaker, Campbell’s, Dole, Tropicana, Pepperidge Farm, & Purina.
  7. We have 60+ years’ trade experience servicing major accounts directly throughout Trinidad & Tobago.
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