At Vemco, we believe in nurturing people-powered results. We empower our people with the knowledge, tools and autonomy necessary to cultivate an engaged team, fuelled by passion and positive thinking. We do what is right and seek opportunities to continuously do better, through our values, our performance and our products. This organisation is made up of a cross-collaborative group of experts in the fields of:

  • Retail and Distribution
  • Human Resource Management
  • Brand Development
  • Foodservices

Collectively, they deepen the company’s legacy of real and relevant service, committed to quality and integrity.


  • Amanda Raeburn-McLetchie
    Amanda Raeburn-McLetchie Management Accountant

Human Resources

  • Zeda Mandol
    Zeda Mandol Senior HR Business Partner
  • Jeniever John
    Jeniever John Senior HR Business Partner


  • Cranston Felician
    Cranston Felician Head of Planning, Procurement and Logistics
  • Richard Ottley
    Richard Ottley Chief Operations Advisor – QHSE and IPM
  • Paul Henry
    Paul Henry Head of Maintenance Services
  • Murchison Mason
    Murchison Mason Plant Manager (Pasta)


  • Rosana Hosang
    Rosana Hosang Marketing Business Unit Manager- International Brands
  • Kristi-Ann Battersby
    Kristi-Ann Battersby Marketing Business Unit Manager-Beverages


  • Virginia Bonnett
    Virginia Bonnett Channel Manager
  • Evie Hosein
    Evie Hosein Channel Manager
  • Lilah Berment
    Lilah Berment Channel Manager

Product Innovation

  • Ceemoy Murray
    Ceemoy Murray Product Development and Realisation Manager
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