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Vemco Foodservice is a specialised division that mainly services those businesses and institutions responsible for any meal or beverage prepared outside the home. Whether your foodservice business is a single chef-driven restaurant, a large hotel or a bakery chain, we strive to provide the products and the expertise to help your business succeed. Our customer base also includes hospitals, schools, offices, caterers, and food & beverage manufacturers.

Our product lines consists of well-known local and international brands that deliver quality to you and your customers whilst meeting the highest food safety standards. A few of the brands that we supply are:

Service levels offered to Foodservice customers must be highly reliable and well integrated into their businesses. At Vemco we are particularly aware as to these special needs of Foodservice clients. This means that for Vemco Foodservice we constantly endeavour for things to be done consistently faster and with first time quality!

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