We believe in inspiring creativity through cooking. To this end, we’ve built a line of broths and stocks that serve as a perfect backbone to your culinary canvas. Whether you choose the fully finished flavours of Swanson® broths, or opt for more control with our less seasoned line of stocks, with Swanson®, you can be sure that no matter why you cook, what you cook will be delicious.

Made from high quality ingredients, Swanson® Broths & Stocks contain a unique balance of flavour to develop and enhance any dish you create. Every cook knows that every dish is as good as what you put into it. That’s why passionate cooks of every skill level know the importance of choosing the ripest produce, the freshest meats, the most fragrant herbs and the highest quality Swanson Broths and stocks.

We put the same care into choosing our ingredients as you do. Swanson® broths and stocks are made with the only the highest quality proteins, farm fresh vegetables, and seasonings. We believe our only competition is the broth or stock you make from scratch. And we are proud that home cooks, chef’s and cooking publications continuously choose us as their favourite alternative to homemade.

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