Mr. Christopher AlcazarCEO - CDP

    Committed to constantly connecting, building, and empowering people, Vemco’s CEO, Christopher Alcazar, is all about the individuals behind the business. Although driven by results, impact, and disruptive innovation, he believes the growth of the person is what is most integral to the development of a company. He lives by the philosophy that you don’t just get things done, you get it done right!  As a frontrunner in business and devoted husband and father of two wonderful girls, Christopher leads a company with passion by constantly challenging himself and others to do things differently and stay ahead of the game.

    Passionate about changing the landscape of the economy of Trinidad and Tobago- its people, its development, its economy, its social aspects- Christopher has diversified his portfolio by currently serving as the President of the Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturing Association (TTMA). This allows him to be a voice for manufacturers trying to get their business going and sees the association as an opportunity to improve the way people serve on a national scale and thus can contribute to nation-wide development.

    His sheer business expertise and meticulous monitoring of global trends and best practices allow him to position Vemco a step ahead of its competitors. As a graduate in Business from the University of Tampa, Florida and a background in business development, product conceptualisation, and marketing, Christopher Alcazar has always been an advocate of growing export market share within CARICOM, Latin America and key international markets.

    Christopher’s previous experience at Associated Brands Industries Ltd (ABIL) laid the foundation for his knowledge in the creation of home grown products which would eventually be exported to other territories.

    He believes that the right people are critical to Vemco’s success, that is, persons with the right determination and desire to grow the business locally, regionally and internationally. This is why he is heavily invested in developing the human resources of the company by working with all parties within the production process and supply chain to ensure product availability and consistency.

    In the words of Christopher Alcazar, “We have to take risks and we are going to fail in some areas, but, we need to learn from those failures and move on.” To him, that defines both our legacy and future success.

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